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Since 2008, I provide tailor-made services in M&A, strategic and operational advisory, change management, management coaching, cost reduction, financial services. I listen, analyse, advise and implement.

I have been leading complex projects for over twenty years. I am passionate about this work. I am discreet, effective, positive and trustworthy. I bring an ability to see the big picture, and I help company directors understand the fine details and the nuances of their situations and challenges, both in financial and human terms.


​I am lucky enough to work with a team of excellent people, whose expertise is complementary to mine.

I bring and implement solutions that make my clients stronger

I am always delighted to meet business leaders and I listen to them attentively so that we understand each other and can freely decide to work together to meet a new challenge.

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Philippe Crevoisier
Managing partner 


After detailed analysis of the situation, we support our clients: we draw up reference documents, undertake promotion, contact targets, negotiate, supervise due diligence, coordinate legal, financial and tax aspects and supervise the transition and follow-up. 


Track records Transfer (as buyer or seller) of more than 25 companies and strategic assets, in Switzerland and abroad, of up to 350 staff, for individual investors and listed groups.


We develop new company strategies, initiate radical change and implement corrective action: strategic monitoring, coordination and intervention in the processes of the companies concerned - in collaboration with management and taking full account of the individuals involved and their emotions - and change management and communication. We also negotiate strategic development and franchise agreements. 

Track records Development and implementation of dozens of restructuring plans, as part of cost saving programmes, mergers, repositioning with a view to development and company closures. Many franchise agreements drawn up and signed, with coverage worldwide or of specific geographic areas (Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and PRC).



We undertake a detailed asset analysis and, in very close collaboration with our clients, draw up asset allocation strategies and wealth structuring arrangements. We select and monitor banks and - working closely with experts - we implement succession agreements and fiscal rulings. We support company shareholders, as advisers or as members of boards and governance committees.  We help with all actions required to establish companies and staff in Switzerland.

Track records Provision of services to UHNWI for over ten years.


We work proactively, in very close collaboration with companies, to ensure the production of financial statements and the exercise of financial control: general and analytical accounting, financial analyses, payroll management, social security and tax statements, closing and relationships with auditors.

Track records Provision of services to many businesses from SMEs to companies with over 300 employees.